How To Pick The Right Seating Arrangement For Your Next Outing In A Limo

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How To Pick The Right Seating Arrangement For Your Next Outing In A Limo

13 August 2015
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When most people book a limousine for an outing, the selection is based on size and price. While these factors are certainly important, they don't make up the whole picture. Making this decision without looking at the seating arrangements of your limousine options would be equivalent to renting out a wedding hall with no say in where tables or chairs are set up. In order to maximize the fun for your next limo ride, knowing the different seating options available to your party is key. 


This is the configuration you get when you've got a big party to get from Point A to Point B without killing the conversation from Point A. For most social gatherings with lots of friends, a J-seat configuration will provide a big, open forum for conversation and other party activities. The basic shape is seating all along the side the of limo opposite to the door, and then a shorter, connected row in the back. This type of limo is best for big groups of young people, like bachelorette parties or prom groups. One downside that some will encounter is that these types of limos are necessarily large, so if you're looking for a ride for date night, then this might not be the best option. 


Limos with a face-to-face configuration are typically a bit smaller than a J-seat limo, but they offer just as much social interaction. A positive of these types of seats is that they're often shaped more like traditional car seats, so they'll have headrests, arm rests, and seat belts for comfort and safety. These seats are best for small groups of friends of any age, as they're a bit more refined than the big, party-style J configurations. 

Two or Three Row

A small two or three row seating configuration is often the choice of business people, but they're certainly not all work and no play. Having one of these conservative configurations is the perfect way to step up date night, whether it's just you and your S.O. or if you're double dating. This setup gives couples a small, intimate setting to have a conversation, so it's great for longtime couples looking to spice things up. Another plus of a row-style seating arrangement is that it's less conspicuous than a huge stretch limousine, so you won't have people clamoring to see who's inside the limo when you arrive at your destination.  

Keep this information in mind next time you call a limo service, such as Pittsburgh Limo Service Extreme, for your next big event. 

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