3 Ways To Help Your Parents Retain Independence As They Age

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3 Ways To Help Your Parents Retain Independence As They Age

14 August 2015
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As your parents age, one of the most important things to them is retaining their independence. However, there are some instances in which your parent might need the assistance of others. If you are vested in ensuring your parents are able to remain independent, here are some things you can suggest. 

Hire a Driving Service

At some point, your parents' ability to drive could be called into question. Unfortunately, your desire for them to stop driving is not always the most convenient option for them. Your parents still need to be able to get back and forth to doctors appointments, grocery stores, and run a host of other errands. To ensure your parents get to and from their destinations safely, you can hire a driving service. 

Depending on the service you select, you could be charged by the hour or for the entire experience. By hiring the service, you help to not only protect your parents while they are on the road, but ensure that other drivers are safe, too. For more information about driving services, contact a company like East Coast Driver Solutions.

Make Modifications to Their Home

Some tasks within the home can become difficult for your parents as they age. To ensure that your parents are able to successfully continue to live in their home without complications, you need to make cosmetic changes throughout it. One of the first things you need to do is talk to your parents and find out what challenges they are facing in the home. You can base your modifications on that. 

For instance, if your parents are having trouble with navigating freely from one room to the next, consider making changes to the floor plan. You could possibly tear down a wall to create a more manageable floor plan. You can also make modifications to the fixtures in the home if your parent is having trouble turning them on and off. Simple changes like installing a push button to flush the toilet or a chair lift on the stairs can make a big difference.

Consider Home Health Care

Another way your parents can retain some of their independence is to invest in a home health care provider. The provider would only be responsible for those tasks your parents are comfortable with him or her doing, such as cleaning the home or running errands. If either of your parents have a medical condition, there is a possibility that you can ask for insurance to pay for it. 

Your parents' independence is important. By working with your parents, you can make sure they are able to live in their own home as long as possible.

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