Four Things That Make Prom Extra Special

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Four Things That Make Prom Extra Special

6 November 2015
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Prom isn't just 'a dance,' it's become one of the biggest events in a high school student's life. The event itself may last only for one night, but the memories last forever, so make sure that the memories your teen has are good ones. Here are four things that can make prom extra special for teens.

The dress/the tuxedo

For most teens, prom offers the first chance to dress up in 'adult' clothing like gowns and tuxedoes. For parents, this can seem like a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. In order to give your teen the prom outfit they want without breaking the budget, start shopping early. Make sure your teen knows their budget for clothing, and remind them to keep some money put aside for accessories, even the guys.

If renting a tux, be sure to book the rental early, or you could risk not having a wide selection to choose from in the correct size when the big day arrives. Don't forget to try and coordinate the tux with the dress for an extra special look.

The flowers

Prom wouldn't be the same without corsages and boutonnieres. If possible, match the boutonniere to the corsage. Like coordinating outfits, this extra touch just makes the couple look more elegant. Check with local florist shops to see if they offer a discount for purchasing both the corsage and the boutonniere together, and order them well in advance. Because they can't be made too far in advance of the actual date of the prom, give the florist plenty of notice.

The limousine

Parents who balk at sending their kids to prom in a limo should keep one thing in mind: teens in a limousine are safer than those who drive themselves, especially if there is a risk of alcohol being consumed during prom night. Teens should be reminded that riding in a limo isn't a free pass to behave inappropriately, and they should be reminded to wear their seatbelts if they are provided in the limousine.

Limousine rentals spike during prom season, so be sure to book yours early and split the cost with a group to save money. 


Don't rely on the photographer at the prom to capture the prom couple in all their glory. Make sure one or both teens have a digital camera and take plenty of pictures before they head out. If they are travelling in a group, consider giving each teen a disposable camera to capture candid memories, then offer to have all of the camera processed at once. Your teen can then have an after-prom get-together to look at the pictures and relive their fun memories.

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