Here's What To Know About Tipping Your Limo Driver

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Here's What To Know About Tipping Your Limo Driver

25 November 2015
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The opportunity to ride in a limo is something that appears on many peoples' bucket lists. Whether you're using this posh method of transportation for a bachelor or bachelorette party or you've just decided to make a fun get-together with friends even more memorable, riding in a limo also takes the fuss out of fighting traffic and finding parking. While your focus should always be on fun, it's important to remember that tipping is the best way to convey your appreciation for the driver's care and attentiveness. If you're new to limo transportation or you just want a refresher on the tipping process, here's what to remember.

The Range To Remember

The conventional norm when it comes to tipping the driver of your limo is to give between 10 and 15 percent of what the limo cost to rent. This range is a suggestion; if you're exceptionally pleased with the driver's skill behind the wheel or his or her interactions with you and your group, it's perfectly acceptable to tip a little extra. In general, however, a tip between 10 and 15 percent will meet etiquette guidelines.

Factors Worth Considering

Where you tip within the range of 10 to 15 percent largely depends on what you notice from the driver throughout the limo experience. People often tip generously for a driver who's extremely punctual, goes out of his or her way to ensure that the travelers get to their destination on time and provides some extra services along the way. Extra services can include taking a group photo of the travelers or offering some helpful advice about an ideal place to visit in the city. The driver's demeanor is also worth considering; you might choose to tip more generously for a driver who is extremely friendly or helpful, for example.

The Tipping Process

Generally, tipping is the responsibility of the person who booked the limo. If you're this person, calculate roughly how much you'll need to tip and carry it in cash so that you can give it to the driver at the end of the rental period. If you're a fellow traveler and haven't contributed to the cost of the limo rental, it's courteous to ensure you're traveling with a handful of cash so that you can offer to contribute to the tip. While there's no written rule about this, it's conventional for the travelers to pool their money to provide the tip as a way to also express thanks to the person who rented the limo.

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