Two Tips To Help You Have A Successful Limousine Rental Experience

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Two Tips To Help You Have A Successful Limousine Rental Experience

28 July 2016
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Whether you're renting a limousine for a child's high school prom or are renting one for yourself and some friends, a limousine can add a tremendous touch of class and excitement to any gathering.  However, although it would seem that renting a limo would be cut-and-dried, there are some particulars that you definitely want to inquire about if you want your rental experience to be a success.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you have a successful limo rental experience.

Always Get A Contract Outlining Exactly Which Limousine You'll Be Renting

The first thing you want to do is obtain a contract that lists the details of the limousine that you will be renting.  This is very important, because you want to know exactly what to expect.

For example, you may be hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party and need to rent a stretch limousine.  You want to make sure that you request a contract that specifically lists how many passengers the stretch limousine will be seating, along with what amenities the car will have.  Things like the prices of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages should be listed, even down to whether you're getting a car that can be climate-controlled from the rear, or a vehicle that allows you to play your own songs via a Bluetooth or other type of device.  The more detailed you can get the contract to be, the better.  This will ensure that you know what you're paying for and that the limousine will be sufficient.

Request An All-Inclusive Price

Pricing is another aspect of limo rental that you definitely want to pay attention to.  It's important that you ask for an all-inclusive price so that you won't get an unexpected surprise when you're given your bill.

The all-inclusive price is the final cost of the entire trip.  There may be a flat fee for a two or four hour trip, but there may also be a fuel surcharge, a price-per-stop fee as well as an automatic driver gratuity.  Request that you receive the all-inclusive rate which includes all of these expenses so you can make sure that you have enough money to cover the entire cost of your limousine rental.

Having a wonderful limousine rental experience is all about paying attention and minding the details.  The next time you need to rent a limo, keep these tips in mind so you can be well prepared and satisfied with the result. Contact a company like A&A Limousine & Bus Services for more info.

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