Three Occasions Where You Might Want To Hire Private Jet Charters

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Three Occasions Where You Might Want To Hire Private Jet Charters

14 November 2016
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Private jets are most commonly associated with the very wealthy and with world rulers (think Air Force 1 for the President). However, "plebeians" can rent private jet charters too, if that kind of thing interests you. Here are three occasions where you might want to hire a private jet charter, and when these occasions make the cost well worth the venture.

Celebrating a Very Important Date/Holiday

Major milestones in life should be celebrated in the most incredible and unforgettable ways. Turning fifty? Celebrating twenty-five years of wedded bliss? Flying to Disney World to get married? These are all important dates and holidays that marked with more celebration when you hire a private jet charter. Most of these charters serve champagne or wine in-flight and sometimes small delicacies like caviar on toast points. You can bring most anything with you to celebrate in-flight and request just about anything too.

Impressing Someone with Whom You Are Completely Smitten

Usually guys will do this for their dream girls, but roles can be reversed or mixed too. If you absolutely want to impress your love object, jumping on a private jet and going anywhere in the world is definitely the way to do it. New York City, Paris, or Napa Valley are all very popular destinations for this kind of adventure. It is one sweeping, romantic gesture that is not so quickly or easily forgotten.

Impressing a Foreign Business Partner

When you are not a major global corporation, but you are trying to become one, you have to make some foreign connections and/or foreign partners. The quickest way to do that is to have them stay home and then you jump on a private jet charter and fly to them. You just saved them a ton of time and money, which will impress them enough to consider your business proposition and/or partnership. You can also hire the private jet to go pick up the foreign partners and bring them to you, since a flight on a private jet is often loaded with impressive luxuries they cannot get on a commercial flight.

Money Talks

In each of the above occasions, money talks. Your private jet charter can act as your own private jet whenever you need it to, and only you, the pilot, and the attendant know the truth. In every case, it makes you appear smart, successful, and well-to-do, all things that people either respect or desire to become, and sometimes that alone is worth the price of a three-, four- or eight-hour flight charter expense.

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