ACL Reconstruction Scheduled Soon? Here's How To Schedule Appointments & Medical Transportation Services

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ACL Reconstruction Scheduled Soon? Here's How To Schedule Appointments & Medical Transportation Services

27 August 2018
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Having ACL reconstruction surgery can make it difficult for someone to get around town to go to all the follow-up visits with the orthopedic surgeon, the pharmacy, and to go to the necessary physical therapy sessions several times a week, particularly when surgery is done on the right knee. Fortunately, there are medical transportation services that can help you get to where you need to go while you are on the road to recovery. Here's what you need to know when scheduling your various appointments and the transportation that will take you to them. 

Call Medical Transportation Services 

Call local medical transportation services for a list of their available appointments first. They may have other people who have already scheduled their services on a routine basis. With a list of the available transportation services, you'll be able to coordinate your necessary appointments with the orthopedic surgeon and your physical therapist. Ask the medical transportation service for their fax number. 

When you call, tell the representative if you have been prescribed any mobility devices, such as a wheelchair or a walker. Also, inform them if your knee brace is in a locked position that will mean the leg that was operated on cannot be bent. That way, they will know what type of vehicle to send to you and what your specific needs are regarding space in their vehicle. 

Schedule Appointments With Orthopedic Surgeon & Physical Therapy

With your list of available transportation slots in hand, schedule your orthopedic surgeon follow-ups and your physical therapy sessions. Call the orthopedic surgeon first and ask them to fax a protocol to the physical therapist. The physical therapist will need to have the surgeon's protocol so they know the frequency of the therapy sessions your surgeon will want you to have.

Be sure to schedule these appointments for at least a full month following your surgery. Also, don't forget to get a time frame for the length of the therapy sessions. They typically last about an hour but some sessions may be longer. Due to the frequency of physical therapy sessions, ask your physical therapist to fax a list of your scheduled therapy sessions to the medical transportation service you will be using. 

Confirm your schedule with the transportation service after the physical therapist has faxed your appointment schedule to them. If any changes need to be made to your physical therapy sessions, make the changes now so you will not be scrambling to find available transportation. 

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