Want To Rent A Dump Truck And Driver? What Services They Can Provide

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Want To Rent A Dump Truck And Driver? What Services They Can Provide

3 December 2019
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Dump trucks are quite useful vehicles, especially in landscaping, quarrying, and road construction businesses. If you think you could use a dump truck for a specific job, you should first check with a construction rental company to see if that company would allow their dump truck to be used for the purpose you have in mind. Then you can rent the dump truck for all of the following tasks. 

Moving Soil

Whether you are attempting to remove soil completely or add richer soil to the soil your property already has, a dump truck can do that. The ripped-up and scooped-up soil goes into the truck and taken to a pre-approved location for dumping. If you are having soil delivered, the truck brings it and dumps it in your yard wherever you want it in one massive pile. You will have to use a wheelbarrow and spade or a mini front loader to move the soil around the rest of the yard. 

Moving Rock

More often than not, you can order tons of gravel for concrete projects in your yard. The gravel is delivered via dump truck, typically in quarter-ton, half-ton, three-quarter-ton, one-ton, and two-ton loads. Again, the truck and driver will leave the gravel in a large pile close to the driveway or walkway where you want it, and you will have to find another means to move it about. 

Rock can also be delivered to road construction sites. Road crews use front loaders to scoop up large piles of gravel and take it to where the road crews are layering gravel and concrete. Sometimes the gravel comes from a quarry where the dump trucks are being used to move lots of rock around already. 

Moving Sod

A dump truck is not likely to dump the load of sod you purchased, so you will have to unload the sod roll by roll or piece by piece from the back of the truck. This is not easy, considering the size of these trucks and the elevation of the beds of these trucks. However, when you buy a lot of sod and you want it all moved at the same time without repeat trips, a dump truck is most effective for this task. A lot of sod farms actually use dump trucks to help harvest sod and move the sod to storage locations until the sod is sold. 

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