How You Will Benefit From Using Fleet Management Software

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How You Will Benefit From Using Fleet Management Software

13 November 2020
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Do you have a fleet of trucks that you manage but are having difficulty doing it all on your own? The solution to your problems may be to start using fleet management software. Here are some of the benefits that it can provide to your fleet of trucks and all of the drivers using them on the road.

Remote Diagnostics

One of the biggest reasons to use fleet management software is due to the ability to perform diagnostics on your fleet remotely. This can give you a heads up on problems with vehicles that are on the road before the driver is even aware of them. With actionable insight on what you need to do to keep your vehicles running, you can act on problems sooner rather than later to minimize your downtime and keep drivers moving. You can even schedule repairs to be done to the vehicle while it is out if necessary.

Telematic Provider Connections 

When looking at remote diagnostic solutions, pay close attention to how many telematics providers are connected to the fleet management software. The more telematics providers that are compatible with the software means that you'll be able to diagnose and service a larger range of vehicles in your fleet, even if they are different makes and models.

Fault Code Action Plans

When a fault code does come up in one of your vehicles, your next step is figuring out what to do about it. Fleet management software can provide a detailed action plan for each fault code that comes up. This takes the guesswork out of how to service a vehicle since there is information on how to handle the various problems that are discovered. 

Driver Reports

Part of managing a fleet of trucks is to ensure that your drives are making their deliveries on time. Since you can monitor the vehicle remotely, fleet management software can create driver reports so that you know exactly what they are up to. You can look at things such as idle times and figure out which drives are taking breaks that are longer than what is necessary, or even get behavior reports about the speed they are traveling and how they are handling the vehicle. For example, you can see if drivers are not giving enough stopping distance and are slamming on the brakes. 

Do these all seem like benefits that you want to experience yourself? Reach out to a fleet management software provider in your area for more information. 

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