New To CDL Driving? These Job Tips Can Help

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New To CDL Driving? These Job Tips Can Help

23 February 2021
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If you recently graduated driving school with CDL-A trucking credentials, you may want to find work right away. However, as a new driver, you may not feel comfortable about going on the road by yourself. In this case, you want to find a position that allows you time to get used to driving big rigs and trailers. Below are some job tips you can use to help find a trucking job you will enjoy.

Apply for Local Driving Jobs

As a CDL-A driver, you qualify for a wide range of trucking jobs, including on-the-road driving and local driving. If you fear driving long distances right now, a local driving position may be right for you.

Local trucking jobs, such as flatbed driving and construction, allow you to drive within a specific area or location in your city. The assignments may require you to pick up, load, deliver, and unload your truck in the same day. Some jobs don't require you to load and unload your cargo or goods, only transport them.

To apply for a local trucking job, you want to reach out to a transportation provider or recruiter. A recruiter may want to see several things from you, including a copy of your:

  • CDL credentials
  • DOT medical exam
  • previous job history

The information above can help a trucking recruiter or transportation provider find you a position that fits your skills and abilities. If you don't think local driving is for you, consider on-the-road training instead.

Apply for On-the-Road Training Jobs

Although you possess your CDL-A, you still need some training on the road. An on-the-road training job can help you obtain the skills and confidence you need quickly. Training may also allow your body time to adjust to long-distance travel.

During training, you'll travel around the United States with a seasoned truck driver. The driver will teach you several things, including how to:

  • operate your vehicle at a safe speed or navigate through harsh conditions
  • load and unload cargo without harming or damaging your back
  • meet your daily delivery quotas quickly 

To apply for an on-the-road driving position, you'll need to provide a recruiter or transportation company with a copy of your CDL credentials. You may also need to take a new DOT exam for the company or recruiter. Some transportation companies require updated DOT exams from their applicants. Long-distance requires you to remain alert and awake for long periods of time. An exam can help a recruiter or transportation company determine whether or not you qualify for long-distance driving at this time.

Learn more about truck driving jobs and how to apply for your positions by contacting a recruiter today.

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