First-Timers' Guide To A Successful Helicopter Tour

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First-Timers' Guide To A Successful Helicopter Tour

29 July 2022
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Going on a helicopter tour is a thrilling and exciting experience everyone should get. You get to enjoy breathtaking views and conquer your phobia of heights. There's always a mixture of anxiety and excitement when you're scheduled for your first helicopter ride. That's because it is your first time, and you don't know how to prepare or handle yourself during the tour. This piece provides tips to follow when going for your first helicopter ride. 

Plan Custom Route and Destination

Just like hiking, camping, or a road trip, you should know where you're going or things you want to see to get a satisfying first-time air experience. Before booking your ride, research exciting places to visit or things to do. Moreover, the tour company can help you plan your route from their years of experience in providing helicopter rides. For instance, if you're taking someone out on a date or to propose, they'll help you choose fantastic scenery. 

Carry Your Camera

The camera should be the last thing to forget when going for your first helicopter ride. That's because helicopter tours give you a different worldview, something you'll want to record and keep memories of. The ride gives stunning views of buildings, mountains, rivers, and other local attractions, leaving you with stories to tell. Besides the eye-catching aerial views, you'll make stops at unique and exciting places depending on the kind of tour services you seek. A camera lets you record all these experiences and create a great photo album.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Gear

Another vital tip to a successful first-time helicopter ride is to wear comfortable clothing. That'll depend on several factors, including the time, climatic conditions, and your intended destination. Consider wearing light clothing inside the helicopter since they have air conditioning for different temperatures. You can carry extra clothing to change when you reach your destination depending on the environment or theme, e.g., date night, mountain, or beach.

Carefully Listen and Follow Instructions

Before a helicopter ride begins, there is always a small briefing on how to handle yourself to a safe and comfortable ride. Examples of such instructions include staying away from the helicopter's rear, holding firmly to hats and loose clothes, approaching and leaving the helicopter while crouching, wearing earplugs to minimize noise, handling yourself during emergencies,  and many others. Moreover, the pilot will dictate sitting arrangements depending on the number of people on board and everyone's weight to ensure the right balance. You should listen and follow these instructions to keep everyone safe, eliminate any fears about helicopter rides, and enjoy your tour.

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